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Million Dollar Contests is the Promoter of skill based contests which result in the allocation of prizes.

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Big Box Contests Rules


    1. Million Dollar Contests ABN 77 242 966 291 (the Promoter) of Bentley 6102 Western Australia is the operator of skill based contests which result in the allocation of prizes.

  1. Promotion Period

    1. The Contest will run until all Tickets are sold.

  2. Qualifying Persons

    1. The Contest is open to anyone aged 18 and over from any country.

    2. The Promoter’s employees or members of their immediate family or any person connected with the administration of the Contest are not eligible to enter.

  3. Contest Entry

    1. To enter, You must exercise skill, knowledge and judgement to give the correct Answer to the Qualifying Question.

    2. When completing the Entry Form You must check your details carefully and tick the declaration confirming You have read and agree to abide by the Contest Rules

    3. You can buy as many Tickets as You like up to the maximum remaining unsold.

    4. You acknowledge that payment for each entry or multiple entries, and a correct answer to the Qualifying Question does not guarantee that You will win the Prize.

    5. The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the result of the Contest.

    6. If the Qualifying Question is answered incorrectly You will not be entered into the draw and You will not be entitled to a refund.

    7. By completing the Entry Form, and depending how many you buy, you will be allocated one or more “Virtual Tickets”  (herein referred to as Tickets) exclusively assigned to your name by our system.

    8. At the closure of the Contest each Ticket assigned to your name has one chance of winning providing the Qualifying Question has been answered correctly.

    9. After Submitting the Entry Form you will see an onscreen confirmation of your purchase and you will also receive an automated email acknowledgment from our system.

  4. Contest Judging

    1. Within 48 hours of the end of the Contest all Entries will be reviewed and all Entrants that correctly answered the Qualifying Question will be entered into a random draw to select the Winner.

    2. The Winner will be selected using MAC Pages random number generator.

    3. There will only be one Winner for the Contest.

    4. The Winner will be notified by email.

  5. Early Closure

    1. If entries are slow and it appears unlikely the target number of Tickets will be sold within a reasonable time the Promoter may at its option determine to end the Contest before all Tickets are sold.

    2. In the event that the Promoter closes the Contest before all Tickets are sold, the Winner will be selected from all valid Entries received by the Promoter prior to the date of closure.

    3. In the event the Contest is closed before all Tickets are sold the Promoter shall retain 70% of the Entry Fees to cover expenses of administration, advertising, marketing, communication, payment solutions, website hosting, subscriptions etc. The remaining 30% balance is “the Prize Fund”. The Prize Fund will be offered to the Winner.

    4. The Promoter may alternatively at their sole discretion determine to close the Contest before all Tickets are sold without selecting a Winner.

    5. In the event the Contest is closed before all Tickets are sold without selecting a Winner, the Promoter will give credit to existing Entrants to buy the equivalent value of Tickets in a subsequent Contest.

  6. Winner’s Details

    1. The Winner may be required to prove identity and age and to also prove that if they paid by debit/credit card that the card was legally theirs or that they had authorisation to use it. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the Winner being disqualified and the Promoter choosing an alternative winner.

    2. The Winner is required to provide photographs and have their personal details and details of the Prize won by them included in marketing material for future Contests.

    3. Photographs provided to the Promoter by the Winner will be deemed to be the Promoter’s property.

  7. Contest Prize

    1. At the discretion of the Promoter the Contest Winner may take delivery of the Prize or a Cash Alternative. The value of the Cash Alternative shall be determined by the Promoter.

    2. The Promoter will attempt to contact the Winner by the email address provided at the time of Entry. If for any reason the email address has been submitted incorrectly, or is no longer active the Promoter will not be held responsible for any consequences further described in Clause 8.3.

    3. If the Promoter is not able to contact the Winner within 7 days of the end of the Contest or the Winner is disqualified as a result of not complying with the Rules, the Winner will forfeit the Prize and the Contest will be drawn again to select a new Winner.

  8. Validation

    1. The Promoter hereby reserves the right not to deliver the Prize until it is satisfied that :

      1. the Winner is not in breach of the Rules,

      2. any amounts due or owing by the Winner to the Promoter have been paid in full,

      3. the identity of the Winner and his or her entitlement to receive the Prize has been established to the Promoter’s satisfaction,  

      4. proof of age has been produced,

      5. proof of credit/debit card ownership or authorisation has been produced,

      6. photographs of the Winner have been provided.

    2. Following receipt of validation of the details requested above by the Promoter, the Prize will be shipped to the Winner at the Promoter’s expense.

  9. Legal Undertaking

    1. You agree You are over the age of 18 and You understand and agree to abide by these Rules.

    2. This Contest is governed by the laws of Western Australia and any matters or disputes relating to the Contest will be dealt with by the Courts of Western Australia.

    3. By entering the Contest You will be deemed to have accepted these Rules.

    4. If the Promoter fails or delays to enforce a provision of the Rules, this failure or delay is not a waiver of the Promoter’s right to do so later on.

    5. If any of these Rules is decided by a Western Australian court to be void and/or unenforceable, that decision will only affect the particular Rule and will not make the other Rules void or unenforceable.

    6. These Rules constitute the entire agreement between You and the Promoter.

  10. Limits of Liability

    1. The Promoter makes or gives no representations and/or warranties and/or assurances of whatever nature and howsoever arising as to the quality, suitability and/or fitness for purpose of any of the goods provided as a Prize.

    2. The maximum liability of the Promoter to a Winner shall be limited to the total value of the Prize or Prize Fund that has been won by the Winner.

    3. The value of the Prize if all Tickets are sold is the amount at which the Promoter can purchase the Prize from a third party.

    4. The value of the Prize Fund if the Contest is closed before all Tickets are sold shall be determined as set out in Clause 6.3

    5. The value of the Prize Fund if the Contest is closed without selecting a Winner pursuant to Clause 6.5 is limited to the total amount paid for Tickets.

    6. The liability of the Promoter to a Winner shall cease when the Promoter has a shipping receipt from the shipping company for delivery of the Prize to the Winner.

    7. The Promoter does not accept liability for a Prize that may be lost in transit by the shipping company or its agents in other countries.

    8. The Promoter is not liable for Customs Import Duties or any other charges that may be payable in other countries.

    9. The maximum liability of the Promoter if You are not a Winner shall be limited to the amount paid to enter the Contest.

    10. The Promoter shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any obligation under these Rules where the delay or failure results from any cause beyond its reasonable control, including acts of God, labour disputes or other industrial disturbances, electrical or power outages, utilities or other telecommunication/network failures, earthquake, storms, or other elements of nature, blockages, embargoes, riots, acts or orders of government, acts of terrorism, or war.

  11. Changes

    1. The Promoter may revise the Rules from time to time. Please check this page periodically to ensure You understand the Rules that apply at that time. By continuing to access and/or use the Website after the revisions come into effect You agree to be bound by the revised Rules.

  12. Trademarks

    1. Trademarks of third parties used in the Website or in promotional materials are for identification purposes only and are the property of their respective owners.

Thankyou for reading the Rules. Please go back to contest page to enter a contest.

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